A Table for One - Non Architecture

A Table for One


TEAM: Karolina Pajnowska, Polina Moroz – Polish, Ukrainian


Overpopulation? Noisy restaurants? The trouble of cooking and chewing in a crowded environment? Never heard of it — I am in my own bubble.

Precious moments of pleasure result from patient work. In the calamity of everyday life, traveling and hard work the process of preparing food and enjoying it without any kind of distraction became a luxury. Considering the new nomadic way of life, in the moments of spare time while waiting at the airport or a train station, one can indulge in a restaurant where you are your own chef, waiter, and client.

An inflatable structure is docked in a technical base containing all the necessary appliances and installations. A multifunctional table with a fully functioning kitchen, basic choice of food and a variety of tools is rooted in it.

The table is at your service. Simply choose a recipe on an interactive display screen, reach for the relevant products and explore the drawers full of cooking utensils. Your favorite food – prepared, served and consumed just the way you like in a shelter of warmth and privacy. You are the restaurant. Et voila!